The Café Industry highlighted the continued growth of the Café and Coffee Shop sector with the national Café Life Awards.

The Café Life Awards celebrated the best new products, the finest cafes and the most brilliant coffee shops with an awards ceremony held at the Grange City Hotel, London on 21st September 2017.

Hosted by celebrity chef Theo Randall, run by the Café Life Association (formerly the Café Society) and attended by the movers and shakers of the Café industry, The Café Life Awards recognise everything from the best independent cafe to the most successful high street coffee shop chains.

The landscape is ever-changing and cafés are the coolest places to eat, drink and meet on the UK High Street. The Café Life Awards recognise all that is great from the best in food and drinks to venues big and small. Held in conjunction with the lunch! show which celebrates its’ tenth year, The Café Life Awards are the industry’s most anticipated awards.

Gethin Evans, from the Café Life Awards, said: “Cafes and Coffee Shops continue to change the way we interact, being the place we meet for work, leisure or to take time out. The Café Life Awards recognise the change in lifestyle and the ever-growing importance of café culture– city centre rooftops have been taken over; brunch is the thing to do; niche and bespoke are critical terms and the café industry is flourishing.

“This year’s awards demonstrate the developments for product and retailers alike with a flurry of diversification in the last 12 months. The summer is always a great period for our industry and the culmination of it all is a fabulous awards evening held in conjunction with lunch! recognising the best of the Café industry” 

The Winners